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Along with Website Development, Island Promotion also builds Mobile applications effectively and efficiently. Island Promotion is one of the supreme companies in Sri Lanka for Mobile Application Development and we pride ourselves on our well-experienced team of Android app developers. Android has been the best-selling OS worldwide for Mobile Application development. Android application that we develop is made using Java Programming Language along with the Android SDK. We will identify the best solution for your business and develop high-quality, fast, and secure application development.

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We have a team of designers with the best and most creative talent, matchless skills, and creativity for innovation for your ideal GUI designing, animation designing, android mobile application designing, and more. We also have a talented team of programmers who use the best programming or development tools, frameworks, IDE, and NDK/SDK for the Android platform. Our past years of experience keep us at a competitive edge. We ensure effective communication by using ultra-modern technologies. We develop apps for various industries including business, security, finance, game health-care, e-commerce, and travel map.

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Island Promotion is one of the best hybrid mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka with an experienced staff with the aim to deliver end-to-end services from the initial stage till the final development stage. Hybrid apps allow you to grasp all the popular mobile platforms out there. We provide unique and cost-effective solutions to our clients that can lead their businesses towards success. Having significant strength of dedicated professionals, we guarantee 100% customized hybrid mobile applications that work efficiently across multiple devices. This helps clients reach a wide range of audiences in the quickest possible time. With our hybrid app development service, we create a perfect blend of the native app’s usability and web app’s flexibility. We are available 24/7 to resolve all your queries.


Flutter is one of the best cross-platform app development platforms. Out of many Flutter app development companies, Island Promotion stands out in the crowd for its wide range of cross-platform development service providers. Island Promotion Company builds an expressive, flexible, and comprehensive framework to develop the next-generation applications for iOS and Android with a single codebase in record time. We develop apps with the utmost care and by studying the requirements of the clients. It offers platform-specific scrolling, navigational patterns, and fonts to give users a feel of home as per the mobile's operating system. Our professional flutter developers are well-experienced to develop beautiful and functional-rich apps with on-time delivery.


The second highest OS used in the market is iOS. As we Island Promotion, the leading iOS app development company in Sri Lanka we understand the mandatory steps to deliver user-friendly iPhone Apps and also we deliver outstanding and trouble-free iPhone & iPad apps development services.


Island Promotion


1. Cross-Platform App Development for iOS and Android using Dart.

2. Flutter for Desktop Development

3. Flutter for Web Development

4. Flutter Chat Application Development

5. Flutter Consulting Services

6. UI/UX Strategy Development

7. Flutter Support & Maintenance

Our Servcies


Salesforce automation

Salesforce is one type of software that helps salespeople and managers to achieve their work-related objectives. Our company helps a business to collect, store, modify, analyze, and transport sales-related information using salesforce automation software.

Marketing automation

Using Marketing Automation Software, you can streamline marketing activities, run effective campaigns, and run high profits.

Customer Interaction management

We strive to maintain interaction with the customers whether they are our old customers or new ones through various channels such as phones, emails, webchats, video conferencing, etc. at their convenience.

Channel management

By keeping in mind the needs of the customer Channel Management successfully gains and maintain the cooperation of various organization by aligning the enterprise as a whole.

Island Promotion


We understand that not everyone has the same needs. Some businesses may require the full spectrum of services while some look for a bundle package!

We give our clients the luxury of picking out only what they require and skipping what they don’t!


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