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Modern-day businesses need specific software solutions to successfully deliver services to their customers. With the advancement in technology and rapid automation of business processes, software applications have become an integral part of business, whether small or large. Our custom software development team creates applications designed to meet the specific requirements of these organizations and users. With customized software, businesses can make changes anytime they want, add essential information, and implement customer feedback. Creating an interactive relationship between your business and your customers increases the credibility game, generates customer loyalty, and extends customer retention. We help businesses work smoothly while enhancing productivity and ROI on the go by boosting the performance of your business.

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development focuses on developing a product that specifically addresses your needs. Not all off-the-shelf software suits you, and it is hard to find a one-size-fits-all solution. Our customized products are designed for growth and future scaling. Our process is simple. We first ask our clients one simple question. What are the problems you want us to solve? We first understand the needs of your business and then design and build a custom application that addresses those very needs. We then integrate the new system into the existing process. It doesn't stop there. We work on continuous testing, scaling, troubleshooting, modifications, and upgrades, and most importantly, we ensure that the system is up and running for revenue generation. Our custom software is ideal if you expect enhanced security functionalities, agility, and adaptability.


Customers are king, and they've always been. But the modern-day consumer expects an individually personalized experience and customer service catered to their wants and needs. As businesses, it's imperative to understand what your audience expects from you, and it's even more important to know how to deliver those needs better than your competitors. This is where Island Promotion steps in. We will conduct the necessary research to identify your audience's target demographics, interests, preferred channels of communication, what messaging they respond most to, and what they care about. This information is key to turning leads into customers. We will create a strategy based on our findings to keep every customer interaction personalized and meaningful. Just the way they like it. We will then build a great CRM System that will assist your sales rep with closing more deals and converting more leads into paying customers. Sounds good?


Using a tailor-made POS system is all about reaping benefits such as greater operational efficiency, increased sales, and happier customers. Our POS team enables small, independent retailers and restaurants to operate with the same efficiency as much larger brands. All at an affordable cost. We achieve this by following an outlined process that involves Design, Development, Integration, and Maintenance. Our UI/UX superheroes design easy-to-navigate interfaces, making it easy for your cashier team to do their job effortlessly. We will then develop a customized POS system with payment processing, Inventory Management, Sales Management, Customer Management, and Staff Management in mind. We then ensure that the full spectrum of systems is integrated seamlessly and working as one unit. Once the system is implemented, we will continue to service your business by offering ongoing technical support and maintenance.

ERP Solutions

If you are developing a business, and you need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to automate your business then you are at the right place. Our Company “Island Promotion” develops an ERP System Software that conducts a detailed cost-benefit before initiating the ERP software. Island Promotion provides the finest ERP Software Solution for business trading and marketing. With years of industry experience and technical expertise, we scheme ERP software that best meets the requirement of the businesses. Our team has substantial potential and great experience in ERP Development and provides high-end solutions for the existing business processes.

1. Accurate and On-time invoicing
2. The improved Utilization rate of Resources
3. Extensive Financial & Operational processes
4. Better visibility and profitability
5. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Software Maintenance and Support Services

After software delivery comes software maintenance, a management process in which Island Promotions excels. Every software application requires Maintenance and Support Services for stable functioning, scalability, high performance, and security. We fix problems discovered by users by error minimizing, eliminating unnecessary elements that take up storage, continually optimizing the software's performance, and detecting technical issues before it even occurs. We perform regular, scheduled maintenance to ensure that your systems are fully functioning and bug-free. This process guarantees a prolonged life and dependability of the software that your entire organization relies on. Constantly monitoring and maintaining your software is crucial if you wish to maximize the returns of your technology investment, as it reduces unforeseen repair costs and unplanned interludes that could cost you a lot of money. With our maintenance and support system by your side, you can count on your business to thrive without any interruptions or distractions.

More About our CRM's

Island Promotion is a supreme CRM Development Company and CRM Integration service provider. At Island Promotion, we develop CRM Software as per the need of the particular business. We integrate CRM with the client’s enterprise applications that will help them in driving profit and business excellence in all accounts. At Island Promotion our aim is to provide services that successfully help you in the maintenance of valuable relations with your world-class services. We develop CRM Software as per the latest trends and technologies. We provide our CRM Software at a nominal price and merge solutions and also match the best requirements. We provide easy and fast access to services and support. Our development of CRM Software begins by understanding the client’s core requirements.

Our Servcies


Salesforce automation

Salesforce is one type of software that helps salespeople and managers to achieve their work-related objectives. Our company helps a business to collect, store, modify, analyze, and transport sales-related information using salesforce automation software.

Marketing automation

Using Marketing Automation Software, you can streamline marketing activities, run effective campaigns, and run high profits.

Customer Interaction management

We strive to maintain interaction with the customers whether they are our old customers or new ones through various channels such as phones, emails, webchats, video conferencing, etc. at their convenience.

Channel management

By keeping in mind the needs of the customer Channel Management successfully gains and maintain the cooperation of various organization by aligning the enterprise as a whole.

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We understand that not everyone has the same needs. Some businesses may require the full spectrum of services while some look for a bundle package!

We give our clients the luxury of picking out only what they require and skipping what they don’t!


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