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Want to improve the rankings of your website? Then you are at the correct place. Our esteemed company Island Promotion ranks high on search engines in the Search Engine Optimization company in Sri Lanka, which focuses on high-quality content, perfect internal linking order, optimized title tags, meta tags, and a meta description, and last but not least excellent customer services. Without well-organized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns, content marketing strategy, and social media optimization, your target audience won’t be able to find your site and all your hard work goes in vain. We have a full expertise SEO team who work 24/7 to solve all your website issues & improve its online presence.


SEO is essential for businesses in this digital era as it gives you the visibility you need to attract customers. More than 80% of customers perform searches online before they decide to purchase. Those with a robust online presence will find themselves in a very advantageous position, and the rest will miss out on incredible opportunities to make money. You do not want to be the latter. To provide you with the best SEO service we can, we will start with a robust SEO Keyword Strategy needed to position your website and your content on SERPs. We will identify the relevant keywords to attract prospective customers' attention and welcome them to your sales funnel. Our SEO strategy will cater to your individual goals, and you will be provided with a report that clearly states the KPIs in terms of site ranking, inbound links, ranking of selected keywords, product descriptions, site traffic, page performance, and findings of a thoroughly-done SEO audit. In this report, you will be able to understand how many people came to your website through an organic search and which page on your website got the most traction. The SEO -based objective of Island Promotions is to drive traffic to your website, increase your website's visibility and rankings, and subsequently drive sales to your business.

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SEO Audit

Well, generally people are unaware of SEO Audit so let’s know what is SEO Audit? An SEO audit is a process of evaluating the search engine friendliness of a website in a number of areas. There are various tools for SEO Audit on a website available in the market but the best method is to either implement the audit by following a guide or appoint an SEO Auditor to do the work for you. The SEO Auditor will manually review the website and come up with analyzing weaknesses that need to be corrected and an idea of what needs to be prioritized.

Technical Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO is a strong backbone for any website. There are various websites that include errors like 404 errors, broken links, duplicate site content, etc. Can cease your website rankings and also create a lot of problems if there is an issue in images or missing out alt tags. But being Sri Lankans most trusted SEO Company, our professionals will help you in fix these errors and will help you in optimizing the performance of your website.

On-Page SEO

Now firstly we will know what On-Page SEO is. On-Page SEO (also known as on-site SEO) refers to the practice of optimizing web pages to improve a website’s search engine rankings and earn organic traffic. On-Page SEO includes four factors:-
1. Page Content
2. Meta Tags
3. Title Tags
4. URLs
We implement the right keywords and optimize your page to incorporate those keywords. We also help you in creating quality content, improve errors on your site, and improve your page speed. We always ensure that your site is running in top shape.

Content Planning

Generally, Quality Content is the body and soul of SEO. We believe in delivering knowledgeable, friendly, and entertaining content to our clients. Our Expert Content Writer develops content in alliance with your business needs and is full of upgrades with targeted keywords.
Our well-planned content strategy includes:-
• Setting goals for your business.
• Study your target audience and study their preferences.
• Perform SEO analysis with the target keyword.
• Developing a content distribution strategy

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We understand that not everyone has the same needs. Some businesses may require the full spectrum of services while some look for a bundle package!

We give our clients the luxury of picking out only what they require and skipping what they don’t!


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